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There's an enormous amount of complexity involved in trucking accidents in relation to workers' compensation. Accidents often leave the driver severely injured and out of work. Trucking companies are required to provide employees with benefits, but are often reluctant to do so. Tucker Law can help protect injured drivers' rights while pursuing all the compensation that's deserved.

Our workers' compensation attorneys have more than 30 years of experience litigating against every major Iowa-based trucking companies, including TMC, CRST, Warren and Decker, among others, on behalf of individuals who have been injured in a wreck. With I-35 and I-80, Iowa is literally a crossroads for truck drivers. We work with clients from all over the country who have been injured in trucking accidents.

Jurisdiction is often a very hot topic in these cases. One of three conditions must be met in order for a truck driver to take legal action against his or her employer in Iowa:
  • The trucker has substantial contact with the state of Iowa
  • The employer must have a business presence in Iowa
  • The trucker lives in Iowa

Commonly, the injuries in these accidents are severe and devastating. Victims often require surgery and subsequent down time, which leads to many lost hours and lost income. Due to the high income truckers typically receive, they are generally entitled to a higher temporary benefits rate.

It's not uncommon for truck drivers who are residents of other states to face the challenges of traveling back and forth to Iowa for depositions, trials and doctors' appointments. We are committed to maintaining a comfortable and safe lifestyle for our clients as they heal, so we will take all the steps necessary to serve as your representative so you can focus on getting the treatment you need.

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