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Neck and back injuries are orthopedic injuries which can be caused by trauma or repetitive motion.  At Tucker Law we've learned that orthopedic doctors assigned by employers or their insurance companies will often misread an injury.  You are entitled to a second opinion paid for by your employer which can provide a more accurate impairment rating, but obtaining it is often almost impossible without the help of an experienced attorney.

In many situations, the employer-appointed physician will downplay your injuries. After all, they are paid by the company. Using the results from your independent medical evaluation, we will help you obtain a permanent work restriction. We advocate for our clients' best interests as they deal with these chronic neck and back issues. In many cases, a neck or back injury can affect you for the rest of your life. Your treatment should reflect that.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping workers and their families throughout Iowa. The complexity of a workers' compensation claim and the pain from an injury often combine and exacerbate one another. The result is someone who’s already suffering feeling anxious and overwhelmed. We take it upon ourselves to remove the stress and worry by thoroughly educating our clients on the issues that are important to them and working diligently to ensure their rights are protected as we pursue the highest compensation possible. ​

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