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Brain injuries are among the most difficult work-related injuries to navigate for several reasons. In many cases, a person with a brain injury has no external manifestations. MRIs and other diagnostic testing often return without any concrete results even though the symptoms are obvious. At Tucker Law we see clients who've experienced symptoms such as:

 Memory Loss
 Irritability and inability to mood-regulate

Often an individual will be diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome, when the injury is actually much more severe. Post-concussive syndrome goes away after six months. If you have been experiencing symptoms longer than that, it's likely a legitimate head injury, and your case requires a heightened level of attention by a legal professional. 

With more than 30 years of experience, the attorneys at Tucker Law will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your head injury. Your employer and its insurance company will likely attempt to downplay it, assigning your symptoms to a personality disorder that existed before the injury. Worse yet, they may say that you are exaggerating the severity and duration of your injury, called malingering. By employing doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists to prepare a careful medical work-up along with interviewing family members, we’re able to build strong cases for our clients.

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