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If you were injured in a car or truck accident, you are probably worried about what to do next. Many clients don't know how to file a claim, aren't sure what insurance benefits they have and are unsure about which medical bills will be paid on their behalf. The attorneys at Tucker Law have more than 30 years of experience helping clients throughout Des Moines and surrounding Iowa communities understand their rights and the role of their insurance company after a car accident.

Many people pay a high premium and an additional fee for "med pay" to cover personal injuries, but they don't know what it covers. Sometimes people even forget they have purchased this additional coverage. People expect the at-fault driver who hit them to cover their medical bills, but they forget about the safety net they have with their own insurance policy. If you were in a car accident, we can help you understand what your insurance policy covers and what the negligent driver should be responsible for covering.

Most insurance companies have an agreement with you that details what each party is responsible for. When we work with clients, we clearly explain our division of labor. Our clients need only be responsible for finding the medical treatment they need to get better. We handle everything else, including:
  • We will search for methods to pay for your expenses and medical treatment.
  • We will send the appropriate reports to your insurance company.
  • We will find all relevant medical records and bills necessary to prove your case.

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